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There are some important features that debut in the September 2009 edition. But before I explain those let me help some of the readers who are having difficulty reading the fine print...
The Adobe toolbar appears at the top of the newsletter. In the center of the bottom row of this toolbar you should see a "-", a"+" and a box with a number in it followed by a pull down arrow. These tools control the size of the image (print) on your screen. Click the + or type a value in the box or use the pulldown arrow next to the box. Any of these will enable you to enlarge the image (document) for easy reading.

Now for the cool stuff!
Some of the articles have photos... to view them, click on the word "photos" by the article Some of the banners and graphics are actually links to other websites, larger images or video links. Be sure to move your cursor over each of them to determine which will take you somewhere. If a small hand with a "w" appears then click on the image to follow the link. Hope you enjoy this edition. Please keep your articles, info on events (ie fliers) and photos coming, remember the "deadline" for submission is technically the 23rd of the month. If you send me photos it would be helpful if you included a brief description. Consider the newsletter as a way to invite other Rotarians in the District to your events. Whenever possible I will try to include your fliers etc. Club secretaries, be sure to forward this newsletter to your members!

Mike Johns
District 6630

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