50 Recommendations for Club Presidents

Please consider the following as strong recommendations for your Presidential year. These suggestions are based upon proven strategies and techniques to create an outstanding Rotary Club and service enterprise.

New presidents should:
1. Plan strategically. Publish and share your plan. Plan early.
2. Be a leader more than an administrator.
3. Have a vision and shared sense of purpose with your club
4. Focus on a few good outcomes.
5. Give it your best. Invest considerable time and effort.
6. Keep meetings fun and enjoyable.
7. Maintain a warm and friendly demeanor
8. Strengthen your club with love
9. Make members feel welcome
10. Make members feel important
11. Don't criticize. You cannot scold people into spirited volunteerism
12. Make Polio Eradication a priority
13. Be organized. "Hit the ground running."
14. Organize and plan around the Four Avenues of Service.
15. Send your leadership team to the expanded Assembly
16. Pick great committee members
17. Add the following chairs (if not active): Internet Communications, Bulletin, Polio Eradication, Public Relations, Membership, Club Service, Vocational Service, Community Service, International Service, Program, Presidential Citation, AZ Baker Award
18. Help the District Governor develop email distribution lists for all committee chairs.
19. Consider a club website tied to the District 6630 website.
20. Ask your Assistant Governor for advice and counsel
21. Ask members to identify their priorities, needs and wants
22. Complete a community service needs survey
23. Give everyone a job
24. Insist on international service involvement
25. Keep quality high. Don't settle for mediocrity.
26. Club appearances count! Tangibilize. Evaluate club quality surrogates.
27. Display the 4 Way Test, Object of Rotary and Theme Banners
28. Have a club directory. Revise it annually.
29. Retain great members as a first priority. Recruitment should be second.
30. Insist on adding a few high quality new members.
31. Do a classification survey
32. Be responsive to members and district leadership.
33. Keep club image high. Review meeting location, materials, self-education
34. Remember that internal pr is more important than external pr.
35. Learn from other clubs.
36. Encourage Boards and members to "make-up."
37. Give to The Rotary Foundation Annual Fund and Permanent Fund.
38. Encourage member participation in service projects
39. Have great weekly programs. Select that chair carefully.
40. Have a great bulletin. Consider emailing it.
41. Develop email distribution lists and communication
42. Take advantage of District 6630 training
43. Send representatives to every district sponsored meeting
44. Be responsive
45. Encourage completion of the Governor's member needs surveys
46. Make the member induction ceremony special.
47. Involve your spouse or partner.
48. Apply for the Rotary Citation Award (formerly known as Presidential Citation)
49. Apply for the District 6630 AZ Baker Award
50. Take action!! Be innovative. Don't let the "naysayers" hold you back.