General Rules for the Contest
The purpose of the 5 to 7 minute speech is to apply the principles of Rotary International’s 4 Way Test to a current ethical issue. Students are challenged to identify a topic they feel passionate about and to adopt a point of view from which they will seek to persuade others. It should be something from the speaker’s personal experience or general knowledge. There are no restrictions regarding the choice of topic as long as it is not blatantly offensive.

Each part of the Four-Way Test should be addressed during the speech. They should be specifically stated, as the intent of the speech is to use the Four-Way Test to resolve an issue. Each part could be used to prove either a positive or negative point.
Speeches shall be from five (5) to seven (7) minutes. Penalty points at the rate of 2 points for every 15 seconds will be subtracted for infractions over or under the minimum or maximum time limits. A green signal will be displayed at five (5) mins and remain displayed for one (1) min. A yellow signal will be displayed at six (6) mins and remain on for one (1) min. A red signal will be displayed at seven (7) mins and stay on until the conclusion of the speech. Timing begins with the speakers’ first definitive verbal or nonverbal communication.
Note cards may be used to recover from a mental blank out and avoid an embarrassment, but should be unobtrusive and not be obvious or relied upon during the speech. Even if a speaker chooses not to use note cards, they may have them at hand in case of an emergency. Use of Props should be limited. All speakers will speak from the same platform or designated area.
A desk, podium or microphone will NOT be available in the speaking rooms.
A portable microphone will be available and is optional.
A podium or desk will be available and is optional.