U.S. Rotary Club & District Insurance Program

Did you know that active U.S. clubs and districts are automatically provided with general liability insurance through the U.S. Club and District General Liability Insurance program? The premium is collected annually on 1 July through the semiannual report assessment.

The program provides coverage for active U.S. clubs and districts (including Rotarians and volunteers in their roles as such for the club or district) for their liability arising out of bodily injury to a third party (a person who is not an insured under this program) or damage to a third party's property (subject to policy terms and conditions).

Details of the insurance, loss control guidelines, managing special event risks, and guidelines and forms, including creating their own Certificate of insurance, are available on RI.

To review the insurance overview and obtain the forms for creating your own certificate of insurance are available here on the RI website.

Note: The district has separate Directors & Officers Insurance. A certificate of same may be downloaded here.