Message from Governor John Reyes January 2020

Dear District 6630 fellow Rotarians and Friends:
In our effort to develop membership through new and innovative ways we have reviewed a number of topics. My December 2019 article detailed some of the Strategic Planning Committee’s work in realigning clusters to deal with the significant changes resulting from the decline in membership. This month I would like to take a more in depth look at what the Strategic Planning Committee is doing to help grow membership and how that is being coordinated with Membership Committee activities.
The Strategic Planning Committee’s current agenda was set nearly two years ago in a collaborative process involving Past District Governor Beverly Ghent-Skrzynski (then the current Governor), myself, Pat Myers, and John Bosco, among others. The Committee’s charge is three-fold. First, the Committee is to work on developing an overall Strategic Plan for District 6630 that coordinates with and accentuates the Rotary International Strategic Plan. This process is a slow one inasmuch as Rotary International is still rolling out its plan, and as recently as the Zone Conference in October, adequate details to move forward in a meaningful way were not yet available.
The second portion of the multi-year plan for the Strategic Planning Committee is the recently completed cluster realignment. As briefly mentioned last month, the third element of this long-term plan is analysis/survey/assessment of the District to look for places where new clubs can be started. The Committee continues to look at this from an innovative perspective, understanding that we now have multiple types of clubs that might come into existence including Satellite Clubs, Passport Clubs, and E-Clubs, as well as “traditional” clubs.
If you examine the relatively recent past you understand that quite a number of clubs have gone out of existence. Within the last 90 days we lost a club in the former Medina Cluster. In the past few years, we lost the Rotary Club of Cleveland East (terminated November 2015) and what was then known as the Rotary Club of Heights of Greater Cleveland (which closed in 2002). Of course, our District is not the only District dealing with these kinds of problems.
Fortunately, there have also been a number of successes. Recently District 6650, in a cooperative venture with District 6630, “re-chartered” the Hartville Club, as well as chartered the Green Club.
These changes create an opportunity and your Strategic Planning Committee, ably chaired by Past District Governor John Bosco, is looking at this question. The Committee will take a major step forward on February 8, 2020, when the Strategic Planning Committee holds a joint meeting with Jim McKee’s Membership Committee.
In a similar vein, the Membership Committee is working on setting up a separate meeting to begin serious efforts to implement the Zone Membership Initiative. This Zone Initiative, which is somewhat complex, is designed to have a dual focus. First, the Zone Initiative is designed to help individual clubs select three strategies to focus on gaining new members. Equally, and perhaps more important, it is designed to have individual clubs focus on three strategies to retain members. When you look at the District’s history, much like Rotary International’s history in the same time period, perhaps the most important part of our membership “challenge” is really a retention challenge.
I recently listened to John Hewko, Rotary International’s general secretary, describe the fact that the 2018 Rotary year saw a record number of new members joining Rotary worldwide. Unfortunately, 2018 also saw a new record set for the number of Rotarians who chose to leave, and that number exceeded our new membership gains. Many clubs in the District experience this same phenomenon. Thus, the Zone Initiative is a welcome program.
In addition to membership driven matters, several other significant developments are going on within the District. I will touch upon one this month and others in succeeding months. This month I will provide developments from the District’s Youth Protection Committee.
Rotary International recently adopted an anti-harassment policy. That policy was distributed to all clubs within the last 30 days. Our District was, in significant part, ahead of this policy.  I have been chairing the committee and its members include Dana DeCapite (Hillcrest Sunrise), Past District Governor Beverly Ghent-Skrzynski, Bob Heydorn (Cuyahoga Falls), Bob Voss (Chesterland), Sheila Hedrick (Cuyahoga Falls), Ryan Knotts (Hillcrest Sunrise), Patricia Myers (DGE), David Skrzynski (Vice-Governor), Nathan Watson (formerly of the Kent club), and Fran Zettl (Cleveland).
The charge of this committee is to create an understandable and concrete policy for the District establishing what every club involved in youth activities needs to accomplish by way of procedures to maintain the safest possible environment for the youth, regardless of the activity involved. The Rotary Youth Exchange program is already far advanced in this process and provides the “gold” standard for youth safety. The RYE program involves background checks, training of host families, training of youth exchange participants, and other elements. While our District and every club in it have always been concerned about youth safety, we need to formalize the process. In fact, Rotary International’s new anti-harassment policy mandates it.
The Youth Protection Committee has been active. It currently has a drafting sub-committee hard at work to come up with the policy itself. Bob Heydorn from Cuyahoga Falls is leading this effort, although he is ably assisted by several other members of the committee. Ryan Knotts, a member of the LEADs Committee, is also a member of the Youth Protection Committee and the drafting subcommittee. Our goal is to make sure we have an early and effective transmittal of information to the LEADs Committee because it will be in charge of “rolling out” this policy.
In closing, there are two events that I want to draw your attention to at this point. First is All Ohio PETs. You should save the dates of March 13 and 14, 2020. The event will occur at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Columbus. The speakers will be outstanding and include Rotary International President-Elect Holger Knaack and the Governor of the State of Ohio, the Honorable Mike DeWine, among others. Registration is now open.
Looking a bit further into the future, please mark your calendars and save the date for the District Conference and District Leadership Assembly. They will be held at the Sheraton Suites in Cuyahoga Falls from April 24-25, 2020. The Keynote Speaker for this conference, which is themed around assisting at-risk children, will be the nationally award winning Summit County Juvenile Court Judge Linda Tucci Teodosio. Registration will be open soon.
Best wishes from myself and all the members of your District leadership team as we move forward into a happy and new year.
Yours in Rotary Service,
John Reyes
Rotary District 6630 Governor 2019-2020

Tel: 330.258.6469
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District and Club Events Calendars

Upcoming District Events
Cuyahoga County Southeast-Summit Cluster Meeting
RollHouse Entertainment
Jan 18, 2020
9:30 AM – 10:30 AM
AOP (All Ohio PETS) Steering Committee Meeting
Renaissance Hotel
Feb 08, 2020 10:00 AM
AG (Assistant Governor) Meeting
Buckingham Doolittle & Burroughs Office
Feb 10, 2020
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Grant Management Seminar Feb. 12
Middleburg Heights Library
Feb 12, 2020
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
District Finance Meeting
Crowne Plaza Cleveland South - Independence
Feb 18, 2020
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
District Board Meeting
Crowne Plaza Cleveland South - Independence
Feb 20, 2020
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Grant Management Seminar Feb. 22
Mayfield Heights Library
Feb 22, 2020
9:30 AM – 11:30 AM
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It's that time again!  Any clubs wishing to participate in The District 6630 Matching Grant Program for a district or global project during the 2020-21 Rotary year must have at least two members attend a Grant Management Seminar (GMS).  Ideally, the 2020-21 President and President Elect should attend but do not have to.  It is also recommended that the club Foundation Liaison or any club member involved in the projects attend also.  All Rotarians are welcome.
Grant Inquiries for district grants must be submitted in ClubRunner by May 15, 2020
Click on the link below to register for the GMS of your choice:
Mayfield Hts. Library
9:30am - 11:30am
In addition to attending the GMS, clubs must also:
-be current on District and International dues.
-be current on reporting for any existing district or global grants.
-in order to qualify for a grant during the 2020-21 Rotary Year, your club must   have an average per capita giving of $35 to the The Rotary Foundation (TRF)   Annual fund during the 2019-20 Rotary year.
-submit the Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) from TRF and (MOUa) from   District 6630 signed by the 2020-21 President and President Elect.
-enter your Club's 2020-21 Foundation Goal on line at the Rotary International   website.
Grant Inquiries for district grants must be submitted in ClubRunner by May 15, 2020.
Grant Inquiries for global grants may be submitted in ClubRunner at any time.
Jim Lechko
District 6630 Foundation Chair



District 6630 is sponsoring a fun night at the “Rocket Mortgage Field House  ” to watch the CAVS play the Boston Celtics on March 4, 2020.  Game time is 7:00 pm with a pregame get-together at the Clevelander, a restaurant on Huron Road next to Panni’s within walking distance of the arena.  Pregame get-together starts at 5:00.
See the flyer attached on how to register for this event or contact Stew Buchanan at 330-607-1442. CAVS tickets are $50 each and are located in Mezzanine 203 (M 203) of the Rocket Mortgage Field House. Pregame get together food will cost an additional $12. For more information email Stew Buchanan at See flyer below to register for tickets.
Hope to see you there!  GO CAVS   


The 2020 District 6630 4-Way Test Speech Contest will be held on Saturday, April 11 at Theodore Roosevelt High School in Kent. Plans are well under way for another great contest, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Kent, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. Contest Chair Will Underwood and Co-Chair Shawn Gordon have assembled an enthusiastic committee of Kent Rotarians who are working with the administration and staff of Roosevelt High School and local vendors to make this year’s contest a success. “I urge all the clubs in our district to participate,” said Underwood. “Connect with your local high schools and encourage them to sponsor student speakers. The winner(s) of your club’s contest can compete in the district contest in April. I invite Rotarians throughout the district to volunteer as judges and timers on contest day. You can reach me at"



APRIL 24-25, 2020 

Rotary District 6630 Annual Conference of Clubs and  

District Leadership Assembly 

District Governor John Reyes 


Please join Rotarians, Rotaractors, and Interactors from across the district as we gather at the Sheraton Suites in Cuyahoga Falls April 24-25, 2020 for our annual Conference of Clubs and District Leadership Assembly. The theme of this year’s conference focuses upon assisting at risk youth and the keynote speaker will be the nationally award winning Summit County Juvenile Court Judge Linda Tucci Teodosio. Watch for registration details in February 2020.  

For more information: 

Julie Brandle, District Conference Chair 2019-2020 



Aloha Rotary District 6630:
You’re invited to attend the 2020 Rotary International Convention, 6-10 June in Honolulu, Hawaii, to find and share your aloha.
 Visit to Register and learn what’s planned.  Important DATES to remember,

The Rotary Convention offers something for all members. It’s where Rotarians unite and take action to create positive, lasting change in the world. Whether you’re new to our club or a longtime member, you’ll have an unforgettable experience at the convention.
Rotary strives to secure the lowest possible hotel rates during the dates of the convention by negotiating with hotels in hopes of getting the best deal possible. REGISTER to stay at one of the fabulous sea side hotels.
Members often return from the convention inspired and ready to increase their Rotary service.  We encourage you to view our program highlights , Rotary sponsored events or your district Zone Events.
We would like to thank the Rotary Clubs of District 5000 for sponsoring the 2020 RI convention. Watch the official Convention Video or visit District 5000 homepage to see how they make a difference in the world.
David E Jones
Rotary District 6630 on to Hawaii Chair


Think about some of the service projects you have helped organize.  Do you do it alone?  No! You call in for help.  You get an accountant or banker to help with finances, you have sales and marketing people help promote the events, you have trades people help set up and build, and many more experts help in all different ways.  But appreciating the differing vocations is not just about bringing in talent to help with projects, it is also about training our youth on the value of various vocations and helping them choose one where they can shine!
Vocational service also means networking and doing business with other Rotarians.  Before Rotary became the leading service organization in the world, it started as a business networking organization.  There is something special about meeting someone through service and then doing business with them.  The confidence you have in their abilities to treat you right and get the job done is unparalleled.  Think of new way you can get to know what your fellow Rotarians do in their businesses, and consider doing business with them.
A few other ideas to help promote vocational service:
Introduce a "mini-classification talk" series in which members can give a five-minute talk on their vocations.
Present a vocational award to someone in the community who has exemplified outstanding professional achievement while maintaining high ethical standards. Promote the presentation within the community, and consider making it an annual event.
Invite local experts to present on the vocational needs of the community and develop projects in response to those needs. Possible projects could focus on developing character, providing career information to youth, mentoring small businesses, or organizing workshops that provide employees with new skills.


The role of an Assistant Governor (AG) is to serve as liaison between the District Governor and the individual clubs.  Each AG is responsible for a cluster of clubs and interacts with those clubs to make sure they are aware of what is happening at the District level and also to help them with any Rotary issues or concerns they may have.  Do you know who your AG is?  Please introduce yourself and welcome them the next time they visit your club.
Berkshire KathyKathryn Berkshire (2018-2021)
Rotary Club of Lakewood-Rocky River Sunrise
1165 Chatham Place
Rocky River, OH 44116
H: 440-331-2132    
C: 216-970-8887
Andover, Ashtabula, Conneaut, Geneva, Jefferson, Rock Creek-Grand Valley
David T. Skrzynski, PDG (2019-2020)
Rotary Club of Berea
690 Wyleswood Drive
Berea, OH 44017-2263
C: 440-915-4995
Cleveland, Chagrin Highlands, Hillcrest Sunrise, The Heights of Greater Cleveland
Paul Qua (2018-2021)
(Christine Bretz)
Rotary Club of Cleveland
3701 Trayham Road
Shaker Heights, OH 44122
H: 440-205-6154  C: 216-544-7501
West Shore, Lakewood-Rocky River, Lakewood-Rocky River Sunrise, North Ridgeville, Westlake-Bay Village
Adam Sonnhalter (2018-2021)
Rotary Club of North Ridgeville
8726 Mosswood Circle
North Ridgeville, OH 44039
C: 440-554-1417
Bedford,  Nordonia Hills, Solon, Twinsburg
Bruce E. DeBerry (2017-2020)
(Wendy Shugarman)
Rotary Club of Chagrin Highlands
2443 Elmdale Rd.
University Heights, OH  44118 
H: 216-381-8486  C: 216-798-1294
Berea, Brunswick, Lodi, North Royalton-Broadview Heights, Parma, Strongsville
Linda Kramer  (2015-2020)
Rotary Club of Berea
648 Reynosa Court
Berea, OH 44017
C: 216-533-9496
Burton-Middlefield, Chagrin Valley, Chardon, Chesterland
Peter Tuttle  (2019-2022)
Rotary Club of Chesterland
8620 Camelot Drive
Chesterland, OH 44026
H: 440-729-0451  C: 216-470-4352
Mentor, Painesville, Wickliffe, Willoughby, Willowick-Eastlake
Robert (Bob) Fratino   (2018-2021)
Rotary Club of Painesville
7565 Lambton Court
Concord, OH 44060
H: 440-354-1838  C: 440-487-3988
Aurora, Garrettsville-Hiram, Kent, Mantua, Port-Summit, Ravenna
Karen Bordonaro  (2018-2021)
Rotary Club of Aurora
2594 Jefferson Place, Unit B
Stow, OH 44224
H: 330-414-9823
Cuyahoga Falls, Hudson, Hudson Clock Tower, Northampton-Cuyahoga Valley, Stow-Munroe Falls, Tallmadge
Robert (Bob) Oborn (2018-2021)
Rotary Club of Stow-Munroe Falls
381 Silver Valley Road
Munroe Falls, OH 44262
H: 330-689-0485  C: 330-801-0159
Akron, Barberton, Green, Fairlawn, Medina Sunrise, Wadsworth
Julieann (Julie)  Brandle  (2019-2020)
Rotary Club of Akron
4928 Brower Tree Lane
Kent, OH  44240
C: 330-858-6672


Your willingness to help is making a difference in the lives of children.  Because of the willingness of Rotarians and Rotary Clubs in Rotary District 6630, you are helping make the lives in Nicaragua  of children better by encouraging them to get an education.

In 2019 our district through the Rotary Leadership of the Rotary Club of Westlake Bay Village was responsible for sending 890 Xmas Shoe Boxes to the Children living in and around a garbage dump in Chinnendega, Nicaragua.  This special gift encourages them to seek at least a high school education and become productive citizens of their country.

The efforts and support since 2006 of our district is certainly appreciated according to PDG and American Nicaragua International Board of Director Member Jack Young.


Berea Rotarian Jim Walters passes out dictionaries to third-graders at Grindstone Elementary School.
Berea Rotary donates dictionaries to 3rd graders
For more than 15 years, every third-grader in the Berea and Olmsted Falls School Districts has received a new dictionary courtesy of the Rotary Club of Berea.
On Dec. 9, the club handed out nearly 800 paperback Webster’s dictionaries to teachers and students.
Teacher LaVerne Thomas at Grindstone Elementary School in Berea said the books are very much appreciated by staff as well as the children.
“For some of the children, this is the only book they own,” she said. In this age of laptops and iPads, that dictionary is still a valuable resource in classrooms, she said.
“There is so much more in there than just words and definitions,” Thomas said.
After Rotarian Jim Walters passed out the books to her class, Thomas asked the kids, “Now what can we learn from these dictionaries?”
Back came instant answers. “The Presidents,” said one child. “Sign language,” added another. “More words,” chimed in one little girl. More words mean newer, more up-to-date terms, Thomas said. The classroom dictionaries are often out-of-date, she said.
Walters asked the kids to write their names in the books plus the names of their teachers and classroom numbers – in case the books are misplaced. The children also were given plastic tote bags courtesy of Baldwin Wallace University to keep the books safe and dry if they take them home.
Thomas said she has her class show their new books to parents and then return them to the classroom. She also takes photos of the students with the dictionaries and posts them on the school’s Facebook page.
Walters delivered 131 dictionaries to Grindstone. Other members of the club presented books to third-graders at St. Mary School in Berea, Big Creek Elementary in Middleburg Heights, Brook Park Memorial and Brookview elementaries in Brook Park, Falls-Lenox and St. Mary of the Falls schools in Olmsted Falls. In total, Rotary passed out 768 dictionaries.
Dr. Carmine Stewart is program director for Seeds of Literacy, which works to combat illiteracy in adults.
Program plants ‘Seeds of Literacy’ for adults
With a staff of 250 volunteers, Seeds of Literacy works to combat the number of adults in the Cleveland area who have trouble reading, writing and doing simple math.
According to Dr. Carmine Stewart, program director for Seeds of Literacy, 66 percent of adults 16 and older in Cleveland are functionally illiterate. Some of them lack a high school diploma but some of them are high school graduates who need to improve their skills.
Her clients range from teens to seniors, people with jobs and those seeking better jobs. “Many work, have families but they manage this with a disadvantage,” Stewart told Berea Rotarians on Dec. 10. “If given a 5th-grade test, they wouldn’t be able to make a lot of sense out of it.”
Seeds of Literacy hopes to change that. The non-profit offers free one-on-one tutoring to about 1,000 clients a year at two locations.  The hours are flexible depending on clients’ availability.
“Education changes lives,” Stewart said. “It fights poverty and lets people manage their health care competently.”
Literacy also is important to families, she said. “A mother’s level of literacy predicts the child’s literacy,” Stewart said.
Stewart said the short-term goals of Seeds of Literacy are to have clients pass their GEDs, to lessen poverty, crime and unemployment. Long-term goal: “to put ourselves out of business,” she said.
“We want to increase the rates of literacy so that all of Cleveland continues to revive.”
Berea Rotary night at the theater
Berea Rotarians spent a night at the theater on Nov. 19 to see "Kinky Boots" at Baldwin Wallace University. The performance was a fundraiser for The Education Foundation of the Berea Schools.
Berea Rotary celebrates the holidays
Berea Rotarians and guests welcomed the holidays at our annual party - this year at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Middleburg Heights. We were honored to have three Past District Governors with us - Bev Skrzysnki, Dave Skrzynski and Jack Young.
Yvonne Fulimeni, Ray Bartlett & Dave Skrzynski
Joan Kamper & Hilary Wilson
Judy Stull & Kristina Koenig
Beth Milady of Strongsville Rotary & Kathy Olmeda
Marsha Pappalardo of Brunswick Rotary and Beverly Ghent-Skrzynski of Cleveland Rotary


Through your generosity, you are giving a family a warm and peaceful night's sleep despite the chaos and violence they have endured.  Most importantly, you are giving them tools needed to enable their recover.  According to PDG Jack Young, past Board of Director and Shelter Box Board of Director Emeritus, Shelter Box  is Rotary International's Official Project Partner in disaster Relief.  
At Shelter Box, we are in our eights year (20th year since it was founded) of helping families displaced by the deadly civil war in Syria.  Described as the worst humanitarian crisis  our time, thousands of families are not only fleeing from violence but also facing the life-threatening danger of winter displacement camps.  They are desperate need of a home, blankets and warm clothes for their children.  Your donation could give a family the supplies and shelter they need to make it through the winter and beyond.
Across the world Shelter Box is working to ensure no family is without shelter when disaster strikes and your support is at the heart of every deployment we undertake.  At a time when more people have been displaced from their homes by events like conflict and natural disaster then any other time in history, your participation (Whether as a Rotarian or Rotary Club)  is very meaningful. Families in Syria and around the world desperately need your support.
PDG Jack Young, Past Board of Director for Shelter Box USA shares with all that Shelter Box is honored to have been nominated for the 2018 and 2019 Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of our efforts to shelter families displaced by extreme conflict.  This is only possible because of the dedication and generosity of our incredible volunteers and supporters like you.
If you would like your Rotary Club or community organization learn more about what Shelter Box is doing to help those in need throughout the world. please feel free to contact Jack A. Young, 6630 PDG and past Shelter Box USA Board of Director,please contact him at or 1-440-759-4000.  Thank you for your continued support.
Jack A. Young, 6630 PDG  2005-06


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