Resources for Rotaract Clubs

Ract-2c-gd Each year, Rotaract clubs complete at least two community service projects, one of which furthers international understanding and goodwill. But how do you come up with ideas for projects? Obtain the required materials? Find people to implement and deliver the project? And last but not least find new members for the club (hint: have a lot of fun and others will want to join!)? Fortunately Rotaract clubs have the following resources that they can call on to help them meet their goals:

Other Rotaract Clubs

Learning from other clubs what has worked for them and what hasn't can save you a lot of time. Other clubs can also provide insights and suggestions on your ideas. Don't forget to help other clubs by sharing your experiences!

A good way to exchange ideas with fellow Rotaractors and Rotarians is to meet them in person at an annual event.

Outside Organizations

Outside organizations can provide projects ideas and/or assistance in accomplishing your club's goals. Raising money to alleviate medical, nutritional, or infrastructure needs managed by other organizations can be a source of project ideas. Enlisting others in your school or work place to help your Rotaract club by using their skills helps both and builds friendships (maybe even resulting in new members for your club). For example, if the track team agrees you could raise money by asking people to support the track team in a race with donations to the Rotaract club. Or your artist friend might be willing to help create materials for you club to publicize Rotaract, Rotary, Polio Plus, or your club's current project. Be creative and see how much fun it is working with old and new friends!

Your Sponsoring Rotary Club

Your Rotary Club has a vested interest in seeing your club succeed - after all you are the future of Rotary! Your Rotary club is filled with professionals, executives, and other pillars of your community. Take advantage of their year of experience making things happen - their assistance and advice are available for the asking!

Rotary International

Buried in the Rotary International (RI) website are several pages full of information for starting and running an Rotaract club. Most of the Rotaract content can be accessed from this page: Rotary International Rotaract

While exploring this page, take a look at:

  • Update Contact Info tab - you can use this instead of mailing an "Incoming Officer Data Form at the beginning the Rotaract year.
  • Promote tab - ideas to promote Rotaract, your club, and your members
  • Check out Connecting Rotaractors for additional leads on resources

District 6630 Rotaract

Like your supporting Rotary Club and Rotary International, our goal is to encourage your Rotaract club to be a vibrant, fun way to help others. We hope you find this website informative . If you have any questions or suggestions as to how we can serve you better, please post them on the Facebook page email them to the District Rotaract Chair at