Starting an Official Rotaract Club

Ract-2c-gdTo start a Rotaract club, contact your local Rotary club, and discuss your ideas with the club’s president or its service projects or youth committees. Because Rotaract clubs rely on the continued sponsorship and support of Rotary clubs, it’s important for everyone to have a firm understanding of the commitment involved. Review Rotaract publications with the sponsor Rotary club.

You also may consider contacting other Rotaract clubs and their sponsor Rotary clubs to learn what makes them successful.

Rotarians should consider inviting Rotaractors to attend or make a presentation during a Rotary club meeting.

Once the Rotary club’s board has agreed to sponsor a Rotaract club, you can forge ahead with membership recruitment, meetings, and projects. Remember, the structure of a Rotaract club mirrors that of a Rotary club, so use your sponsor Rotary club’s expertise as a resource for answering your questions.

Upon achieving a strong membership base, a Rotaract Club must apply for a charter from Rotary International. Fill out the Rotaract Club Organization List (PDF) and send it, along with the US$50 chartering fee (or its international equivalent), to RI World Headquarters or international office serving your area.

After the information has been received by Rotary International, an official charter certificate will be mailed to the president of the sponsor Rotary club.

Rotarians should consider planning a special ceremony or celebration to present the charter certificate to the Rotaract club.