1. Present your club in the very best light possible. Be positive that your club "looks the part."
  2. Start your meetings on time and end them on time.
  3. Focus on young, aggressive business leaders, using older, more experienced members to train and guide.
  4. Meetings should be significant and meaningful.
  5. Submit information about your club to the local newspapers and electronic media.
  6. Have worthwhile community service projects which gains respect and admiration for your club.
  7. Ask friends, business associates and family to meetings as potential members.
  8. Update the club's classification list.
  9. Organize a member recruitment program.
  10. Construct a plan of action to recruit and contact potential members in the community.
  11. Initiate a "Membership Development Day" in your club and hold a mini-assembly to discuss ways in which everyone can get into the recruitment action.
  12. Use the "Five for One" challenge.
  13. Start a worthwhile community project, funded by the club, and ask non-Rotarians to help out.
  14. Use Rotary International information to communicate news about your club to your community.
  15. Contact "Welcome Wagon" program and insert "What's Rotary" in their packages.
  16. Develop a "Tent Card" promotional piece to inform the community of the club's involvement in a civic project. Place them with approval in restaurants.
  17. Hand out "Rotary Today" and "This is Rotary" at fund raisers to guests and potential members.
  18. Display "Ask me about Rotary" signs in your place of business.
  19. Develop a Rotary business card and be prepared to band them out at various functions.
  20. Use the 'Pour Way Test".
  21. Inform interested community leaders about local and international Rotary projects.
  22. Show a genuine interest in a prospective member and ask them about their business. Be a friend.
  23. Learn to use the proposal card. Carry one.
  24. Watch for a potential member during business hours, especially suppliers, and customers.
  25. Call the Chamber of Commerce and the Library to invite each Director to a meeting. When they become a member, many others will follow.
  26. Get the Real Estate members to give you the list of new residents in town. Call them at their business.
  27. Invite your golfing friends, bridge partners, fishing buddies, and social friends to a meeting to let them know what Rotary is all about.
  28. After church, invite friends to a Rotary meeting.
  29. Youth sports, community projects, school activities all require adult supervision. Ask those volunteers to join you at a Rotary function.