Interact 6630 Facebook Page

District 6630 has created a Facebook page for Interact clubs to share fundraisers, events, ideas and all things Interact with other clubs and district. Like most Facebook pages, anyone can post reply to a post but only an owner or administrator of the page can create new posts or remove inappropriate items (hopefully this won't be necessary). If you would like to be able to make posts for your club on this site, you can ask the District Interact Chair to make you an administrator - just follow these steps:

  1. go to the District Facebook page
  2. like the page
  3. send an email to (district chair) with:
    • Interact Club name
    • Interact Club adviser name & email (can be you)
    • Interact Club president(s) name(s) & email(s) (can be you)
    • Your name & email (must match sending email)
    • Your position in the Interact Club
  4. after you are setup as administrator, make sure your posts will be correctly attributed by going to the Interact6630 page and making sure voice is set to yourself

After you are approved and setup as an administrator, you will be able to edit, send messages, and create posts on the Interact6630 Facebook page. This will allow you to inform other Interact clubs in our district about your fundraisers, other events they might be interested, as well as solicit their input on your projects.