Awards and Contests for Interact Clubs

Int-2c-gdEveryone likes to be recognized for their efforts. Club with outstanding contributors can award them the Interact Award of Merit signed and dated by the club adviser. For club level recognition, Rotary International and our District offer the following awards and contests to Interact clubs:

Presidential Citation

The Presidential Citation is one of the most prestigious awards give to clubs, usually only a very small percentage of clubs qualify. But your club may be one! The application for the "President Citation for Interact clubs " can be found here (don't ask why it isn't with the Interact stuff):

Rotary International President Citation for Interact Club

The criteria for this prestigious award are determined by each year's incoming RI President. Even if your club is not interested in being one of the best Interact clubs, the requirements might give your club some ideas to pursue.

Video Contest

The Interact video contest recognizes the service and creativity of Interactors by asking them to tell their clubs' stories and celebrate their successes. Its a fun way to unleash your clubs creativity or partner with your schools art department (and maybe get new members). Visit Interact's YouTube channel to learn this year’s theme and to watch winning videos from previous years. Read the official contest rules for details.

World Interact Week

World Interact Week is celebrated every year during the week of 5 November to commemorate the founding of the first Interact club in 1962.

To mark this occasion with Interactors and Rotarians around the world, Interact clubs, in partnership with their sponsor Rotary clubs, are encouraged to participate in joint projects during World Interact Week.

World Interact Week is an excellent opportunity for clubs to publicize, promote, and inform the community about the great work accomplished by its members. Clubs should encourage community members to get involved with Interact projects.

Read more about World Interact week at the end of this page.

Other Awards and Contests

From year to year, awards and/or contests are created by the Rotary International President and/or our District Governor for the current year. Sometimes they become annual awards and/or contests. For 2012, Rotary has an Interact Post Card Contest our District Governor has created a Photo Contest which is open to all members of District 6630 including Interactors.